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We’re passionate about helping organizations & businesses become more efficient and more profitable. We help you solve challenges and take advantage of opportunities in a rapidly changing industry and economic environment.

Helping YOU Perform Better

Revitalize with us as we infuse your path with fresh knowledge from our insightful perspectives. Let's embark on a journey of renewal, armed with wisdom and guided by purpose.


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Step into a new adventure with purpose and focus as we guide you to relaunch your journey.

At AADI Projects, we're here to help you embark on a path that's both purposeful and driven.


Isn't it time for your business to reach its apex? Your greatest success is just around the corner.

Explore the heart of our business – the people, the activities, and the unique offerings that define us. Get to know the story behind our journey and discover our exceptional services and products. Delve into our company's history and find out what sets us apart from the competition.

The Story of AADI Projects

AADI Projects provides strategic guidance to the infrastructure sector, encompassing transportation, utilities, and urban development. Our insights optimize project management, funding strategies, and sustainability efforts, contributing to the growth and enhancement of critical infrastructure systems.


AADI Projects excels in guiding technology-driven businesses. With deep insights into IT strategies, digital transformation, and innovation, we help clients harness technology's potential to drive growth and stay ahead in the digital age.


AADI Projects supports energy and utility companies in navigating energy transitions, regulatory changes, and sustainability challenges. Our strategies facilitate efficient operations and the adoption of clean technologies.

Energy & Utilities

We offer comprehensive solutions for consumer goods and retail businesses, from market entry strategies to supply chain optimization. Our insights foster enhanced customer experiences and sustainable growth.

Consumer Goods & Retail

AADI Projects brings strategic clarity to the healthcare sector. Our solutions encompass healthcare management, patient engagement, and healthcare IT, enabling organizations to optimize operations and enhance patient outcomes.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our expertise in financial advisory and risk management empowers financial institutions to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and make informed strategic decisions, ensuring sustained profitability.​

Financial Services

AADI Projects nurtures startups with tailored strategies for rapid growth and scalability. Our guidance spans business model development, funding strategies, market entry, and innovation management, empowering startups to navigate challenges and achieve sustainable success in competitive markets.

Start Ups

We provide strategic insights to pharmaceutical and biotech firms, from R&D optimization to market entry strategies. Our guidance accelerates product development and maximizes market potential.

Pharma & Biotech

Our strategies in manufacturing and industrial sectors revolve around process optimization, supply chain management, and operational efficiency. We help organizations thrive in competitive markets.

Manufacturing & Industrial



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AADI Projects offers dynamic Strategy Solutions that provide businesses with visionary direction. Our expertise spans market research, digital transformation, and organizational design, allowing us to craft tailored strategies that steer organizations toward growth and success. Whether it's formulating digital roadmaps to harness emerging technologies or defining market entry plans, our Strategy Solutions pave the way for businesses to seize opportunities and excel in dynamic markets.


Execution Excellence is at the core of AADI Projects, where strategies come to life. Our Execution Solutions thrive on managing projects with precision and finesse. From project planning and risk management to process optimization and technology implementation, we ensure the seamless execution of strategic initiatives. Our adept team ensures projects are delivered on time, within scope, and with the desired quality. With a focus on operational efficiency and performance enhancement, we transform strategies into tangible outcomes that drive organizational success.

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AADI Projects' Advisory Solutions embody our commitment to guiding businesses through intricate decisions. Our Advisory team provides insightful counsel across financial, risk, human resources, sustainability, and market entry domains. Collaborating closely with clients, we offer actionable advice to navigate challenges and make informed choices. Whether it's financial planning, risk assessment, talent management, sustainability strategy, or market entry assessment, our Advisory Solutions equip clients with the knowledge needed to make impactful decisions in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

AADI Projects revolutionized our business strategy, turning our challenges into opportunities. Their ability to strategize and transform our approach was instrumental in propelling us to new heights.

Maria Goncavales, CFO

AADI Projects redefined our financial landscape. Their strategic acumen and transformative financial solutions empowered us to achieve remarkable growth and reshape our financial trajectory.

Michael Soveign

Seven Energy

AADI Projects propelled our tech journey with strategic brilliance. Their ability to strategize and transform our technological landscape led us to harness the power of innovation, driving our success.

Jeffrey Cohen, CEO
Nato Productions

Our Clients

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